Collection: EVO Classic #2

Bio Sculpture EVO CLASSICS #2

Certain colors just never get old!
BIO SCULPTURE brings these classics from EVO and presents the second color set of the EVO Classics range:
126 Suzy, an iridescent, delicate shade in dusty pink that flatters any outfit.
127 Marina, a spicy fire engine red that will capture your heart from the first second on your nails.
128 Annalyn, a deep and vibrant berry red that spices up any day .
129 Aseel, a brilliant, bright burgundy red that will make everyone jealous.
130 Sigal, a sparkling plum pink with sparkling rhinestones that shines with style.
131 Simi, an elegant, dusty pastel shade in mulberry, that suits every skin tone.
132 Orlit, a fun yet sophisticated chic chive green.
133 Inbar, a sparkling opalescent army green, she has the perfect dose of glitter for every occasion.

You get for free:
1x Kiwi Scrub ETHOS
1x Pink Teardrop 280/320
1x Blue Teardrop 200/240
8 x Color stix - 1 per EVO Gel from the Collection

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